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Home Maintenance Now Saves Money Later

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Sep 13, 2022 3:29:00 PM

Maintaining your home does take effort, and it can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes. Who wants to change the air filter or paint the siding when you could be off enjoying a picnic or a baseball game? As annoying as home maintenance can be, though, it is important. Proper will keep your home and its systems functioning well. Invest a little in maintenance, and you'll save a lot on repairs.

Here are some more specific ways in which preventative home maintenance will help you save money long-term.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems should be professionally maintained and tuned up annually. You should also change your air filter every month. Changing the filter keeps your HVAC equipment clean and keeps air flowing freely through the ducts. Change your air filter regularly, and your HVAC system is less likely to need a premature motor or burner replacement. 

The other work done during an HVAC maintenance appointment — mostly lubricating and adjusting moving parts — will prevent worn ball bearings, damaged valves, and the like. The cost of HVAC repairs can add up quickly, making this simple maintenance well worth the investment.


A leaky faucet can waste countless gallons of water. It can also cause water damage that's expensive to repair. For this reason, you should routinely have your plumbing systems checked for minor leaks.

Drain cleaning is also an important part of plumbing maintenance. Clean grime from drains early on, and it won't accumulate to cause larger blockages further down the line.

Home Exterior

Whether you have vinyl siding, wood, or aluminum, regular exterior maintenance is essential. Having a wood-sided home painted regularly helps prevent rot, water damage, and insect infestations, all of which can be expensive to treat. Vinyl and aluminum siding require far less maintenance, but regular cleaning still prevents stains and extends their lifespans.

Windows and Doors

The weatherstripping, latches, and locks on windows and doors should be checked seasonally and replaced as needed. If these components fail and are not replaced, water will soon seep in. It costs a lot more to repair water-damaged flooring and drywall around a window than to replace a latch or some weatherstripping.


Yes, your home's appliances should also be maintained. Each one has its own specific maintenance requirements. Ovens should be cleaned to remove grime that could cause a burner to malfunction. Refrigerator gaskets should be cleaned and replaced as needed to prevent leaks and energy wastage. Water heaters also require maintenance. They should be periodically drained of sediment, which can keep the water from heating properly and accelerate deterioration of the tank.

Preventative home maintenance will save you money on repairs, energy, and premature replacement. If you're feeling overwhelmed by home maintenance, have no fear! Contact Hassle Free Home Services to learn more about our flexible and all-inclusive home maintenance plans. We'll do everything from changing your smoke detector batteries to tuning up your furnace.

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