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Home Maintenance:  When to Hire a Pro

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Jan 10, 2023 2:30:00 PM


Sometimes homeowners feel joy when they spend time maintaining their homes. Other times, home maintenance starts to become a burden. You might find yourself pushing off various maintenance tasks, year after year. You might also find yourself struggling to complete certain tasks due to health struggles or a shortage of time. When you're in this boat, there is an alternative: you can hire professionals to maintain your home. Here are some signs it's time to take this step.

Your home needs repairs you've been putting off.
Have you been looking at the same piece of torn weatherstripping for months? Maybe your fridge has needed a new gasket for years, but you haven't gotten around to it. You deserve to live in a home that's in good repair, and hiring a home maintenance company is a good way to achieve that. Having these small repairs made now will prevent them from developing into bigger issues. For example, replacing torn weatherstripping will help prevent your window frames from rotting.

You're getting older.
Older adults often become less mobile. As this happens, caring for a home becomes harder and harder.  Smaller tasks like cleaning out garden beds and gutters start taking more time and effort. Hiring a home maintenance company is a time-saving and safer choice for older adults. Having someone else help care for your home will help you avoid injuries and will also leave you with more time to enjoy the activities you love.

You're traveling a lot.
Traveling and seeing the world can bring you so much joy. But if you're home less and less, you won't have much time for home maintenance. Hiring a home maintenance team can ensure your home gets the care it needs while you're away. The home maintenance company can take care of things like cleaning your gutters, changing your air filter, and installing storm windows. When your travels are over, you'll return to a home that's safe, secure, and maintained.

You have a demanding job or life.
Many people go through seasons when their jobs are very demanding. When this occurs, it's common for home maintenance to be neglected for a time. Then, when your work schedule slows down, you'll have a lot of maintenance to catch up on. Hiring a home maintenance company is a good alternative. Whether you use them for a season, a year, or several years, they'll ensure your home does not fall into disrepair while you're taking care of your work obligations.

Professional home maintenance can also come in handy during other demanding phases of life, such as after you have kids or when you're helping care for an elderly relative. If you find yourself in any of the scenarios above, hiring a home maintenance company can make all the difference. Contact Hassle Free Home Services to learn more about our home maintenance plans. We offer both monthly and seasonal options to suit your needs, whatever season of life you may be navigating.

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