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Insulating Windows to Reduce Heating Costs

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Jan 20, 2022 2:36:00 PM

If you're looking to reduce your heating costs, you're not alone. Even the most efficient heating systems do cost money to run, especially in the dead of winter. To save more on energy, you may need to look outside the heating system itself and begin considering areas where your home is allowing heat to escape. Windows are one of the biggest culprits.

New windows are far more efficient than old ones. Double-pane glass and low-e coatings can reduce energy loss significantly. But even with these features, glass windows still tend to be a source of heat loss. Insulating your windows can therefore help lower your energy bills in winter.

There are two good ways to insulate windows: window film and window treatments.

Insulating Your Windows With Window Film

Window film is basically sheets of adhesive plastic that you can stick to the interior surface of your windows. When heat waves hit the insulating window film, they bounce off of it and back towards the interior of your home. Without the window film, many of these heat waves would have passed right through the glass.

Insulating window films are affordable, and they can reduce your heating bills significantly. They do not, however, correct for the flow of cold air through any cracks in the window casing. They also don't reduce heat loss through the window frame or sash itself.

You can apply insulating window films yourself according to the instructions on the package. Generally, the instructions tell you to clean the window glass with alcohol. You then measure your window glass and trim the film to fit. Remove the backing from the adhesive side of the window film, and carefully smooth the window film onto the glass portion of the window.

Insulating Your Windows With Window Treatments

If you don't want to go to the trouble of applying film to your windows, you can instead insulate them with insulating window treatments. There are insulating blinds, shades, and curtains available. All you have to do is take down your existing window treatments and hang these insulating ones up in their place. You can switch back to your usual window treatments once spring comes.

Insulating window treatments don't just reduce heat transfer through the glass itself. They also help block any cold air that's coming in through gaps between the window frame and the glass. Plus, they can help reduce heat loss through your wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite window frames or sashes.

Once you have a set of insulating window treatments, you can use the same ones year after year to keep saving on your heat bills.

Insulating windows is a good way to reduce your heating bills in the coming year. Consider the options above, and decide which one best suits your needs. If you need help insulating windows in your home, contact Hassle Free Home Services. We offer monthly and seasonal home maintenance plans to simplify your lifestyle.


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