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Spring has Arrived – Ensure Your Home is Ready for the Warmer Weather with These Four Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Mar 23, 2016 8:41:49 AM

After a tough winter, the warmer weather is finally here and we’re now waking up to bright sunshine and increasing temperatures. Did you realize that, in the DC Metro area, we experienced the snowiest January in over 20 years? February also brought some violent storms including several tornadoes that touched down in parts of the region. It’s time to ensure your home is restored back to peak condition. So now that it seems safe to venture outside after this challenging winter, we’re offering these four spring home maintenance tips.

1.   Check Gutters for Debris

The damage caused by improper drainage around your home can be significant. Begin your home maintenance this spring by checking your gutters for debris and removing any branches, leaves or other materials you may find. You should also check for damage from ice build-up and falling limbs as these can impact the flow of rainwater around the home and potentially cause leaks.

2.   Investigate Siding for Signs of Rot

Your home’s exterior trim and siding may have been impacted by the significant amount of snow and rain we experienced this past winter season. Look for signs of wood damage and rot in your siding materials, as this can quickly lead to significant home structural damage. The ice, snow, and winds of winter may have also impacted window spaces and caused cracks to appear in between windows and their frames.

These cracks can not only let in air, causing air conditioning systems to run inefficiently, but also rain and other forms of moisture, potentially causing damage to your home structure. Analyze window framing spaces for signs of damage, and ensure each home window is firmly in place and ready for the coming year. It’s important to inspect your windows, trim and siding before the spring rains attract the pests we all love so much.

3.   Examine Dryer Vents and Eaves

Over time, small critters and birds can find their way into your dryer vents and eaves during the winter season. They make warm homes in these spaces and may eventually get into your home attic space if you don’t take decisive action. Make sure there are no gaps in your dryer vents and eaves where animals can impact the structure of the home and make their way inside. And remember to remove any nests you find before the birds lay their eggs. This will help protect the area around the vents and eaves for the coming year.

4.   Look for Roof Damage

With the increased amount of snow and ice this winter, many homeowners are now finding that their roof was damaged in the previous months. Damage to the area can lead to gaps in the home roof that allow air and moisture inside. A simple check of the home roof should be enough to notice damaged tiles and to ensure a roofing specialist is contacted at the earliest convenience to tackle any problems found.

By going through the maintenance tips highlighted in this article, you can help ensure your home has survived the tough winter, and is ready for Spring and the warmer weather ahead. As always, if you need assistance with any of these items, Hassle Free Home Services is ready to help.


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