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What is Subscription-Based Home Maintenance?

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Jun 8, 2022 2:30:00 PM

1418a1a076da54f84d42e2a8cf34-1623942These days, you can subscribe to almost anything — streaming services, meal delivery services, and even medical treatment plans. Subscription services can save you money and also ensure your needs are met on an ongoing basis. If you've enjoyed simplifying your life with the help of common subscription services, there is another service you may want to try: subscription-based home maintenance. 

What Is Subscription-Based Home Maintenance?

When you sign up for a home maintenance subscription, the company you hire sends a technician to your home, on a regular basis, to perform any home maintenance tasks required at that time. Instead of separately hiring a window company to maintain your windows and an HVAC contractor to maintain your HVAC equipment, you pay one home maintenance company. They handle all of your home maintenance, inside and out. 

How Often Is Home Maintenance Performed?

You can choose a subscription plan based on your needs. Some customers prefer to have a home maintenance technician visit once a month. Others only need a maintenance visit once a season. You can always start off with a seasonal maintenance plan, see how it goes, and then switch over to a monthly maintenance plan if needed. Your technician will do some tasks each time they visit. They'll also tackle other maintenance required during that season. For instance, they'll clean gutters in the fall and uncover your AC unit in the spring.

What Are the Benefits of Subscription-Based Home Maintenance?

Subscription-based home maintenance programs take the burden off of you. No longer will you have to remember a long list of home maintenance tasks. You also won't have to call multiple contractors and maintenance companies to schedule appointment after appointment. You'll only have to stay in touch with one maintenance company, and they'll keep track of your home's maintenance for you.

Subscription-based home maintenance also makes for a safer home. Your technician will check your smoke detectors and CO detectors at every visit — maintenance tasks that homeowners often forget. They're also likely to notice any problems with your home early on, giving you a chance to address them before they become hazards.

With a subscription-based maintenance plan, you'll also be able to travel more often, if desired. Your home maintenance company can make sure your home is properly cared for while you're away. These maintenance plans are very popular with snow birds and with those who travel for work.

Finally, signing up for a subscription-based home maintenance plan can save you money over time. Properly maintaining your home can reduce your need for costly repairs. It's also generally more affordable to subscribe to a home maintenance plan than to separately hire contractors to repair and maintain each component of your home.

In the age of subscription services, a home maintenance subscription is a wise one to consider. Contact Hassle Free Home Services to learn more about our home maintenance plans. We offer monthly and quarterly options and can customize your plan to suit your needs.

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