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Exterior Lighting Sheds Light on Security During Shortened Daylight Hours

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Nov 2, 2016 5:05:17 AM

As the daylight hours grow shorter and you prepare to set back your clocks, security concerns increase. Ensuring that your home’s exterior is lighted properly is a maintenance task that is often neglected despite its importance. Lighting not only improves the safety and security of your outdoor spaces, but it also enhances the look of your landscaping and outdoor décor.

Increasing Home Safety with Exterior Lighting

The darkness can be dangerous for your family and your visitors. Trip hazards are hard to spot when walkways and stoops are not well-lit. Entryways, pools, decks, sidewalks and other high-traffic areas may end up as liability risks without illumination.

Exterior lighting is also an inexpensive and effective tool for keeping your home secure. Would-be criminals seek out homes where they will not be easily detected. Noticeable lights, especially those that are operated by a motion sensor, are particularly useful for keeping homes secure.

Exterior Lighting and Curb Appeal

Along with offering safety and security benefits, outdoor lighting can also improve your curb appeal by showcasing your outdoor features and adding brilliance to your home. Improvements generally increase your property value, making exterior lighting well worth the investment.

Fortunately, there are many options for outdoor lighting. Lighting is available in many styles to fit with your style. Walkway lights, spotlights, post lights and motion sensors attached to your home can all be great additions to your home. For those trying to keep their utility expenses low, solar lighting can help keep costs under control.

Maintaining Outdoor Lighting

In order for lighting to do what it was designed to do, it must be maintained. Burned-out bulbs must be replaced and all lights kept in good working order to keep your home safe. It’s not uncommon for twigs, cobwebs and dust to accumulate inside light fixtures. Outdoor lighting should be regularly cleaned to avoid interference and damage. Winter weather can also affect your lighting, so ensuring that any posts or stakes are properly secured and that wiring is properly installed should be a part of your regular maintenance plan.

Keeping a home well-maintained is a huge job, but professional support is available. For regular assistance with your home maintenance needs, contact the team at Hassle Free Home Services. We will help you keep your home safe and secure during the fall months and all year long.

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