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Quarterly Home Maintenance: A Solution for Seniors

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Jun 16, 2021 2:30:00 PM

When you're retired or approaching retirement age, you want to spend your weekends relaxing with family and traveling to new towns — not maintaining your home! Plus, maintenance tasks that used to be easy may be a bit harder on your body, especially if you have some arthritis or physical limitations. 

The solution, of course, is to have someone else do your home maintenance. But having to call around to several different contractors can be a burden, too. That's where Hassle Free Home Service’s quarterly home maintenance plans come in. 

What are quarterly home maintenance plans?

With a quarterly home maintenance plan, Hassle Free Home Services sends our professionals out to your home once a season — four times per year. During each visit, our technicians tackle a variety of seasonally appropriate home maintenance projects.

In the spring, for instance, we'll turn on your exterior hoses, inspect the attic for leaks, get your attic fan working, and install window screens. In the summer, we trim tree branches that are in contact with the home, inspect and repair washer hoses as needed, and inspect your roof. In the fall, some key services include turning off the hose bibs and inspecting the weatherstripping. And in the winter, we focus on your interior and HVAC, completing tasks like cleaning the refrigerator coils, dishwasher screens and HVAC return registers.

There are also some services we perform every quarter — like inspecting your kitchen caulk, clearing any slow drains, and changing your HVAC filters. You can find a complete list of quarterly and seasonal services on our website.

What are the benefits of quarterly home maintenance for seniors?

While quarterly home services can be helpful for people in any age range, they're particularly helpful for seniors. This service ensures all of your home's major components are taken care of so there are no surprises. You're far less likely to wake up to a blocked, or worse, leaking drain or a clogged HVAC filter. A home maintenance plan ensures someone notices and fixes the small problems before they become big problems.

A quarterly home maintenance plan also helps ensure your safety. Our technicians will do things like check and change your CO and smoke detector batteries. They'll handle tasks that require getting on ladders and other chores that could be hazardous to seniors. At your age, you are more vulnerable to injuries, and it's nice to know the home around you is safe.

By scheduling home maintenance services quarterly, you also have plenty of time to schedule the service around your other plans. If you travel a lot, like many seniors, then it may be tough to schedule monthly maintenance services — it's easier to schedule four services per year. It's also easier to budget for quarterly services. You can set aside a little money each month, and every three months, have enough to cover the cost. 

If you're an older adult, a quarterly home maintenance plan through Hassle Free Home Services will serve you well. Contact us to learn more about this and our other plans to keep your home safe, functional, and clean.

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