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The Hassle Free Home Services Home Management System

Posted by Andrew Balfour on Mar 30, 2022 2:30:00 PM

Hassle Free Home Services has always put our customers' needs first. From the outset we have embraced technology as a critical tool to make home maintenance less stressful and complicated for homeowners. Since our launch nearly twenty years ago we have relied on a custom-built Home Management System to help us manage every aspect of the care and upkeep of our customers’ homes.  Our migration to a web-based platform and ongoing enhancements such as technician and customer-specific apps have enhanced those capabilities by giving our techs and our customers real-time insight into the condition of the home.

What Is the Hassle Free Home Services Home Management System?

This system is best described as customer relationship management software. We developed it ourselves and created it to work as seamlessly as possible for our clients and for our technicians. We use the system to track every aspect of our relationship with our customers and their homes.  From the outset of a contract, we capture detailed information about the home and the customer’s unique needs.  From there we use the system to schedule maintenance appointments and outside services, generate estimates for project work, track maintenance products such as filters needed for the home and record all repairs that we complete during our monthly appointments.  

How Is the Home Management System Used?

Our customers and techs can use this software in a few different ways.

Our customers use the system to stay on top of all the work being done in their homes.  We send detailed reports to our customers prior to each maintenance visit to show them scheduled services as well as open repairs that the technician will be addressing during the upcoming service.  The customer can respond by adding their own priorities and honey-do repairs to the list so that the tech has that information even if the customer is not present for the service call.  We also send a detailed completion report following the visit so they can see what was done and any new issues that the tech identified.


Our technicians use the system to manage their daily workload.  With the technician app on their tablets they are able to track their schedules including last-minute changes.  No matter where we send them, they can access detailed information regarding customers they will be assisting even down to the names of their pets.  They use the system to track repairs as they complete them and to capture critical information about new issues they might identify.  


A Comprehensive Home History

One of the benefits of the Home Management System is that it captures all work done on the home throughout our history with the customer.  We can use this data to check on when specific repairs are made or appliances replaced which helps customers to make critical decisions relating to their home maintenance budgeting.  We can also use the custom management system to generate an end-of-year report that clients can use for tax purposes. These reports will show how much was spent on various maintenance services and upgrades. When selling a home, clients also enjoy being able to provide these reports to potential buyers. Having detailed service records, all in one place, really sets a home apart in a busy real estate market.

The Hassle Free Home Services Custom Management System has made life easier for our technicians and for our clients. We're continuing to improve the system, too. Currently, we are beta testing functionality that will allow clients to request services and reschedule services directly in the app. 

If you like the idea of scheduling all of your home maintenance with one trusted, central source, then consider signing up with Hassle Free Home Services. From exterior maintenance to appliance repairs, we do it all, and our Home Management System keeps the process organized. Contact us to learn more.

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